"My Husband and I watched The Final Events of Bible Prophecy last night. We were so impressed. Wow! The coming events were brought to life on this DVD. We plan to buy more to share with as many of our friends and family as possible."

"My 7 year old Grandson has watched the tape with me at least 6 times now. Also other youth who were around when the tape was shown in someone's home or church also were mesmerized by the scenes that appeared on the screen."

"I had loaned a copy of Final Events DVD to a lady I work with. She took time to view it and could hardly contain herself when I dropped by the office today. She was SO amazed and kept saying how the DVD was 'Awesome'."

"The people in the NORTHEAST part of Peru on the headwaters to the Amazon were thrilled to get the DVDs.... A little family in LIMA, PERU were so touched by the DVD, they wanted to see it over and over."

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