Final Events DVD - Making Sharing Easy!
You’ve made a big commitment by purchasing Final Events to share with others, so don’t let your copies collect dust on your shelf or remain in an unopened box. The fact is, Final Events is easy to give away—it practically “sells” itself. Just be sure to always invite in prayer the Holy Spirit into all your outreach efforts!

Here are some great ideas to help get your outreach program going strong …

1. Show at your church during a youth group meeting.
We receive emails and letters from youth all the time testifying to Final Events’ impact in their lives. With a captivating format and great special effects, it’s reaching kids where they’re at and drawing them closer to Christ. Be sure to have your youth group invite their friends!

2. Mail copies to community and religious leaders of other faiths.
Believe it! Religious and community leaders from varying beliefs and faiths are being touched with the straight biblical truth of Final Events. Many are already showing it in their own churches and sharing it with other prominent community leaders. Simply mail a copy to their workplace with an encouraging note.

3. Use in prison ministries.
With engaging special effects and a strong Christian message to get ready for Jesus’ return, Final Events is the perfect ministry for prisoners. Ask wardens about their policy for showing documentaries and arrange a time for showing the movie.

4. Show it in elementary and high schools.
It’s not only possible to show Final Events in your local church schools, but also public schools. Contact local officials about sharing this educational documentary. If they allow other groups to share their videos, they’ll usually allow anyone. Whatever the case, always respect the final decision with Christian love and offer to let school officials preview the feature.

5. Go door-to-door.
Pioneering Bible workers have designed an effective program for sharing Final Events in neighborhoods by going door-to-door. See how one Bible worker is changing lives and get the survey forms she uses to break the ice and share truth with her community.

Click here for a PDF of the amazing story.
Click here for a PDF of the survey she uses.
Click here for a PDF of the follow up survey she uses.

6. Advertise in local sales magazines.
Local classifieds in newspapers and magazines are an inexpensive and effective way to share Final Events. Simply create a short ad and place them consistently each week or month and watch as requests begin to flow in.

Click here for a PDF of one man’s exciting story!

7. Share with those who have left the church.
Many souls who have left the church have told us that Final Events has reminded them about their need for Christ and have returned to the church as a result of seeing the documentary. Collect a mailing list of those in your church who no longer attend and mail a copy to them with a loving note that says how much you miss them.

8. Use to invite people to evangelistic events.
Final Events is the perfect pre-work resource, getting people new to end-time events interested in Bible prophecy in an exciting way. Canvass communities with the DVD as a way to invite them to your next evangelistic series. It really works! (See idea #5.)

9. Rent a local theater or hall for a public showing.
Make Final Events a premier movie event open to the public. All you need to do is rent a theater or hall and advertise it on radio, television, and/or the newspaper. You can even make movie posters to promote the special event. When the video finishes you can get up front and offer Bible studies to those who want to learn more.

10. Try to get your local rental store to carry a few copies.
Some friends have indicated success at getting Final Events into their local video rental stores. Contact the manager to determine their willingness to add the documentary to their selection. What better way to share the truth than with people who pick the DVD while browsing the aisles?

11. Try to get a copy in your local library.
Most libraries will carry educational documentaries for the public, and Final Events certainly meets that criteria. Contact your local library for their submission rules, and let them know the DVD teaches about Bible prophecy in a compelling way and in a manner that is not preachy.

12. Show at public fairs in a booth-type setting.
Friends at local fairs and flea markets are giving out or selling copies of Final Events with great success. Make a sign to advertise your giveaway or sale and watch people flock to your booth!

13. Share with those making house calls.
Every time you receive service at your home from the phone company, Internet service, handyman, or anyone else, offer them a DVD along with your payment and thanks for their service.

14. Advertise on radio and public access.
Create a local ad for your local radio station or public access, giving out a number or address listeners and viewers can call or write to get a hold of the DVD. It’s not as expensive as you might think and you can get great results. Be sure to respond promptly to any requests!

15. Make it a cornerstone of your sharing.
Many churches and youth groups go to local parks after church services to share literature. Why not take Final Events and see the great reaction of passersby when you offer them a free DVD? You can make the deal even better by offering a bottle of water on a hot summer day.

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